CBP Holiday News Brief
Doug Wilson


Thanksgiving… When writing to the Colossian church, Paul the Apostle said, “I continually give thanks for you and pray for you.” I also want to emulate our brother Paul by giving thanks for all those in my life and especially those in the house of faith. This week, and not just on Thanksgiving Day, consider giving thanks to God for all things and especially the people in your life.
Officer Elections… The elections have been completed for five of our seven chapters this past week. I’m very excited to announce that almost every officer position was filled and filled by men and women who have a passion to serve. See election results below.
No Chapter Meetings… Please be advised that the only chapter meeting this week is Yucaipa and attendance is optional. All members of chapter’s scheduled to meet this week will be given a free holiday attendance credit.
Have a Great Thanksgiving.
Pastor Doug Wilson
CBP Election Results
Steven Leach: President
Rod Tankerson: Vice-President
Randy Harris: Secretary
Brenda Shehee: Treasurer
Jim Lineberger: President
Bob Fisher: Vice-President
Margie Carson: Secretary
Mike Acosta: Treasurer
Gerry Dagonese: President
Lisa Steifken: Vice-President
Gina Raymondo: Treasurer
Jeff White: President
Willie Martin: Vice-President
Andrew Holybee: Secretary
Margie Wilson: Treasurer
Veronica Martinez: President
Angela Alexander: Vice-President
Leonard Ruiz: Secretary
Amy Belk: Treasurer


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