CBP News... Two NEW Redlands Chapters
Doug Wilson

Good News… our present Redlands chapter has grown to the place that it needs to divide. The new chapter will be meeting at the same time but at Coco’s in Redlands. Having three chapters in Redlands will allow us to have periodic all Redlands mixers and a more regional specific referral program, which I trust means more business for all of us. The first meeting for the new chapter is Thursday, March 1. If you are presently a member of this chapter please be in attendance over the next two weeks as we prepare for the change.

In addition to the new AM Redlands chapter we are still on track to start the first new PM chapter in Redlands. This chapter is designed to accommodate those who need to meet in the evening. This is an all new chapter so we will be starting from the ground up and will need leadership. The first meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 21 from 7:15 – 8:15 PM at the Denny’s on Alabama in Redlands, arrival time is 7:00 PM. Please use the following link to register and let us know that you will be in attendance.

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