Business Interview Workshop

Rev. 12.28.11

Purpose: To better understand and promote each other’s businesses.

Instructions: Partner with another member or guest, preferably someone you don’t know that well. Use the following questions to learn more about them and their business. Feel free to ask other business related questions of interest, and don’t feel that you need to complete all the following questions. Conclude, by sharing with the group what you learned about your interviewee.

Time: Ten minutes for interview and one minute max for presentation.

Interview Questions
  • Interviewee's Name:

  • Spouses’ name:            Children:

  • Name of Business:

  • What Services or Products do You Offer?

  • What is your best/favorite Service or Product? Why?

  • The best referral for you would be someone who…

  • How long have you been in this business?

  • Is special education, training, or certification required for your business? If so, tell me about it?

  • What is your favorite past time, hobby, or interest?

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